Enjoy magical countdown adventures for all ages about Christmas, Halloween and protecting our precious planet. Stories ripe with original hand-drawn illustrations, stop-motion videos and FREE gifts – a unique online Advent calendar and bookmarks. Simply perfect Christmas books for children and adults with super reviews!

I do love a bit of escapism, as reflected in my creations. Here I am dressed as Belle, my favourite fairy-tale character, engulfed in a sparkling stardust aura. I sometimes dress as an elf too, when I run events promoting my Christmas story. Elves are sublime creators, instinctively imagining and conjuring up glorious gifts for young and old alike. I, too, strive to create deep, meaningful and ultimately joyful delights through my words and art. So, I describe myself as a creationist.

Google defines a creationist as someone who believes that the universe and all living things within it come from acts of divine creation. Well, I certainly believe there’s much more to the world than we’re able to experience with our five senses. Perhaps we have an inner knowledge or instinct that transcends us? It is this that I explore in my imaginings, all born of mystery and wonder. I marvel at the idea of hidden worlds, just out of reach, but tantalisingly close, and at the concept that the Earth itself has a spirit – Mother Earth or Gaia!

If, like me, you are curious and have a head full of questions about life, dreams, magic and mysticism then my creations are for you. It’s all connected. It’s all real.


Coming Soon – Finalised editions of The Halloween Queen and The Earth Emperor’s Eye! Plus… check out the curious new stories on the Whittenbury Watch, part of the deep magic of The Earth Emperor’s Eye. The Earth really is enchanted!