Edward And The Christmas Grumps

Recommended by Love Reading 4 Kids
Recommended by LoveReading4Kids
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“The true meaning of the story isn’t revealed until the last chapter, when all the seemingly unrelated storylines and characters come together in a wonderfully warm and magical ending. A true Christmas story.”

2020 Gold Winner of Mom’s Choice Awards
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I’m so thrilled by all the Santabulous reviews on a range of platforms in the UK and USA on Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook and Instagram. It warms my heart to know that so many children and adults have really enjoyed the story. Take a peek at this sample of amazing Five Star reviews, and images of some joyful young readers.

Joyful Young Readers

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Really brightened up a lockdown Christmas. Such a lovely book. Really well written and engaging. Loved reading it over Christmas” (Donna, Instagram)

“Excellent Christmas book. We thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. My six year old loved the story. Fantastic read, especially on the lead up to Christmas.” (Amy, Instagram)

“My eleven year old niece and I enjoyed this book so much! We loved the writing style, and it kept our attention from start to finish. This book definitely put us in the mood for Christmas! Edward’s teddy bear is absolutely precious – the characters were relatable, and my niece (being the older sibling) related to Jill. The pictures were an awesome addition. They were beautiful and sprinkled throughout. We can’t wait for more from this author!” (Emily, Amazon USA)

“This is a mysterious Christmas adventure tale about a young boy who lost his Christmas spirit. I have to admit I enjoyed this story. It’s fun to read a book with so many twists and turns, shocking for a Christmas story. I believe parents and children will thoroughly enjoy reading this book this holiday season. I recommend this book for the entire family.” (R.W, Amazon USA)

“An enthralling story full of adventure, warmth and humour.” (Jon, Goodreads)

“I’m reading this with my littles and they LOVE it! The illustrations help them feel more a part of the book as they graduate from board books. I also LOVE the free online Advent calendar – what a fun perk that we are definitely using this year! What a talented author and awesome book!” (Avid Reader, Amazon USA)

“Loved listening to the story on my Amazon Alexa. Lovely story enjoyed it very much.” (Arti, Amazon UK)

“This was the best £5 I’ve ever spent. We purchased this from the author at Knebworth Christmas Fayre. For everyday in Advent you get to read a chapter and the tears that came when my daughter knew we had read the last page because we enjoyed this book so much. 1000% can’t recommend it enough and it was lovely snuggling down each night to find out what happens next. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Thank you for a wonder book.” (Terri-Ann, Instagram)

“A wonderful Christmas story with lots of adventures that can be read to children of all ages. Well written and illustrated. Highly recommend.” (Caroline, Goodreads)

“A great holiday read for parents and their kids! The characters are a lot of fun and I loved the drawings throughout. Hard to find fresh holiday reads that are so unique and interesting. (Sophie, Amazon USA)

“I sincerely recommend this book which I thoroughly enjoyed reading. It’s full of adventure, fantasy and fun all about Christmas. It includes some well known nursery rhymes and Christmas carols, which took me to my childhood days. It’s a ‘must’ read for children and adults who, ‘still believe’. The writing style of the author is inspiring, which drew me into the story, so much so, I felt like I was one of the characters. Can’t wait for the next book by this author.” (Jayne, Amazon UK)

“This is a well written children’s book with a good natured story and charming artwork. (Newt, Amazon USA)

“Wow, what a wonderful and magical Christmassy read!!! I purchased this book for my 9 year old (co-incidentally called Archie) following recommendations for a good read for the run up to Christmas, and I am so glad I did! From the start, the book captivated us both by its wonderful and imaginative story. Reading it together bought me back to my childhood and invoked a warm festive feel. We tended to read a chapter a day and we couldn’t wait for the next day to resume the story. It’s twists and turns kept us enthralled for the whole month. The lovely illustrations perfectly complimented the text. We’ll definitely be reading it again, even if it doesn’t happen to be Christmas when we do.” (Ben, Amazon UK)

“Such a wonderful and well written book. Love the pictures. My daughter is 7 and a dyslexic she actually enjoyed reading this story and with help read it all happily. Characters are fun and plot easy to follow. Can’t wait to see what else this author brings out. Will definitely be on my purchase list. (Lisa, Amazon UK)

“Such a fantastic book. Our daughter couldn’t put it down. One for everyone’s book collection.” (Chloe, Amazon UK)

“We as a family loved this book… it is beautifully illustrated and very interesting. The book kept us wondering in suspense and laughing the whole of December. My eldest child is 10 years of age and he thoroughly enjoyed reading this book everyday over Christmas. It is most definitely a book that will be read in our house as a tradition every Christmas as our youngest grows. I loved the personal touch and the interactive online Advent calendar that came free with the book. Overall very pleased. Great book and very reasonably priced. (Sadie, Amazon UK)

“A perfect book for the holiday season! Dive into a magical adventure and see what happens when Christmas is about to be cancelled. The story is suitable for both children and adults and the clever design of chapters as door to an Advent calendar adds to the delight of the whole reading experience. I found this story to be scrumptious from beginning to end. The characters in the book are so lovely and skillfully created. Looking for a book to put under the tree for your younger reader? You’ve found it!” (Alexandra, Goodreads)

“My daughter and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book together. It combines festive cheer, adventure, mystery and more than a touch of magic. My nine year old was hooked immediately. The vocabulary is extensive , and she has certainly learnt without realising it! The story is refreshingly unique and detailed, and we were sad when it came to an end. That said, It’s a book we will certainly re-read next Christmas! I highly recommend this to anyone with children under 11 years – though as an adult I enjoyed it immensely!” (R.A, Goodreads)


Rating: 5 out of 5.

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2 Replies to “Edward And The Christmas Grumps – Reviews”

  1. My three children absolutely loved Edward and the Christmas Grumps, and I loved reading it to them! Every evening they sat and listened, which has never happened with a full length book before 🤪 The story is beautifully written, magical and funny.
    The YouTube video of the grump grumble has been played countless times in my house, we all love it!
    Chrissie has a wonderful way of immersing the reader in the story, painting a vivid picture of the scenes and the character’s feelings.
    A truly wonderful read from start to finish 😀

    1. Thank you Tracey! I’m thrilled that you and your children enjoyed the story and the Grump Grumble video so much. It’s a perfectly wonderful way for me to bid farewell to 2021 and welcome 2022! Chrissie

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