It’s time to meet Archie.

As my special guest, you have been invited to open Door One on the First of December. Behind every door is a magical enchanted gift. Add extra sparkle to your Christmas experience. Play along with Edward and Jill in their amazing Advent adventure by reading Edward And The Christmas Grumps and opening each door on the correct day at the same points in the story.

You can also request a link to Archie the Advent calendar to use on any device 📱. Simply email


Remember, to join in with Archie’s Advent Adventure you MUST follow the game player rules. Open each door on the right day and in the right order. The doors will only open on the correct day. For example, Door One can only be opened on the First of December.

The rules to Archie’s Advent Adventure

Hey Kidz, don’t forget to take a sneaky-cheeky peaky at the Kidz Zone.