Caution: Kidz Zone has been crafted by naughty elves, grumbling grumps and pranking penguins. Monstrous Mayhem may breakout at any time! Access may be denied! 😜

Eeek… it’s a message from General Grump!

Do you feel the beat? Does it call to you? 🀩

It does? Excellent. Study carefully this map from Edward And The Christmas Grumps. πŸ•΅It’s the magical kingdom of Santarctica, home of the Christmas Grumps. Can you spot all the place names?

Answers: ‘A Long Way Down, Bah Humbug, Conjuring Cottage, Dash Away, No Turning Back, Quietly Does It and Tinsel Town’.

Santabulous πŸŽ… if you got them all! ✌

Now, fancy a sneaky, cheeky, peeky at some of the main characters in the story?


Meet the characters…

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Watch this video very carefully πŸ•΅ πŸ”Ž

It reveals some of what happens at the start of the story and includes ‘The Grump Grumble’ song that’s been wowing kidz at my events. You can check out the lyrics here.

And this is what the book looks like…

Archie the Advent calendar

Edward And The Christmas Grumps is an adventure like no other because it includes an amazing Advent calendar. just like Edward and Jill, you can get to open a door each day before Christmas and see the enchanted gifts at the same time as they do! Epic? You can check out Archie the Advent calendar, but you won’t be able to open Door One until the First of December! It’s the RULES! πŸ€“

Even more awesome news – you can download the calendar to your phoneπŸ“±, tablet or laptop. Just ask an adult to help πŸ’ and we’ll send them the link.


Penguin Alert!

Oh, wait, there’s a message from the pranking penguins. They want you to read this little sample from the book as it proves without doubt that penguins are smarter than grumps!

No Fishing Aloud!

No Fishing Aloud (No it’s not a spelling mistake)

“Together, they sneaked through the gate and into Bah Humbug while the guards were distracted by the fishing penguins.

“What’s all this?” asked Bandit, the chief grump guard.

“We’re fishing,” said Dasher the penguin.

“What you caught?” asked Jasper, another grump.

“A couple of whoppers.”

Bandit was getting suspicious, “Where are they then?” he asked.

“We put them back again,” claimed Prancer, the second penguin.

“But we didn’t think there were any fish here… did we Bandit?”

“There might be Jasper. Look, the sign says, ‘No Fishing Aloud'”.

“It means you can fish here, but quietly,” said Prancer, “otherwise you’ll scare the fish away.”

“Really! So where are the fish?” asked Jasper. “

Yeah, and I don’t see no water either,” said Bandit.

“That’s because you’ve been fished in!” said Dasher.

The penguins dropped the rod and quickly slid away, leaving the guards bemused.

“Those penguins are so stupid. What do they mean,’fished-in’?” asked Bandit.

“They’re so dumb,” replied Jasper.

“Hey look Jasper, they only went and left the rod behind. Fancy a go?”

“Yeah. We’ll show them. But keep quiet we don’t want to scare the fish away now do we?”

They dangled their rod in the hole with no water.

“Nothing… diddly-squat,” said Bandit after a few minutes.

“That’s because we haven’t got any bait, stupid.”

“Do fish like sprouts?” Bandit asked.

“I do wonder about you sometimes, I really do.”

If you enjoyed that πŸ‘you can read the FREE opening chapter from the book here.

Those elves are ace crafters! They’ve got some great ideas on how to enjoy the story.

  • Read it as a paperback. πŸ“–
  • Download it to your device as an e-book from Google Play or Amazon. πŸ“±
  • Listen to the story by asking Amazon Alexa to read it for you. πŸ”ˆ
  • Ask your local library for a copy. πŸ“š
  • Just ask an adult to help. πŸ’


✨The Magical Christmas Tree ✨

Once you’ve read the book you can get your name added to the Magical Christmas Tree. Here’s the one for 2019! maybe your names on it already – ZOOM in to check it out.

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Now this…πŸ₯³

Some really cool news!

There’s a swashbuckling spooky-licious πŸ‘» fang-tastic πŸ§› sequel coming soon.

The Halloween Queen

It’s a thrilling monster mash-up between Christmas and Halloween with vampires, zombies, witches, pirates and pumpkin monsters! 😱 Take a look at the start of the bewitching tale.

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