Ben Jackson, a farmer in New South Wales, Australia, has created a magical heart shape from his flock of sheep. Unable to bid farewell to a beloved auntie due to Covid restrictions he created the touching tribute. He cleverly laid out grain in the shape of a heart.

Ben’s Heart Shaped Sheep

Ben aimed to scatter the grain so that when he released his flock, thousands of sheep would stream into the paddock and fill up the vast shape. After a few uneven attempts and a “bit of guesswork”, he nailed the outline. Then he let the animals roam. The result was captured on video by a drone – it’s gone viral after Mr Jackson shared it online.

Mr Jackson sent the video to relatives ahead of his aunt’s funeral on Monday. At the service, they played a Simon and Garfunkel classic, Bridge Over Troubled Water, over the vision and a picture gallery. It was warmly received.
Heart Magic!

In recent years, Mr Jackson has created a few other “sheep artworks” in the shape of symbols and logos. His aunt had always been a fan of his creations. “She would be proud as punch to see so many people smiling and enjoying the heart I’ve made for her. It’s just love. Love’s sensational,” he told reporters.

It’s curious because in The Earth Emperor’s Eye the heart symbol is used by Lucy, Mother Nature personified, to demonstrate her majesty and creativity because an anagram of Heart os Earth! Another Ben – this time a Whittenbury – is the key orchestrator of the 100 questions in the mystical Haymaker’s Survey, whilst another, Charles Lamb, keeps a diary that shows it’s deeper magic and power.