A rare monstrous-looking deep sea fish with teeth resembling tiny shards of glass, a football shaped body, and a long bio-luminescent stalk on top of its head has washed ashore on a California beach. Ben Estes stumbled upon the black coloured fish with a gaping mouth on the shores of Crystal Cove State Park’s Marine Protected Area in Newport Beach.

Angler Fish on Crystal Cove – Out of The Depths I Cried Unto The.

The strange and fascinating fish is normally found thousands of feet down in the dark depths of the ocean. Scientists say it’s a first to see such a washed-up fish intact in this way and it’s a mystery as to how or why the fish ended up on the shore. It’s a testament to the rich diversity of marine life lurking below the surface of the Pacific ocean.

There’s one curious explanation! In the Earth Emperor’s Eye, Malachi, Mother Nature’s messenger declares, “Out Of The Depths I Cried Unto The!” Could it be that the unique fish appeared on Crystal Cove Beach as a plea for humanity to better care for the natural world.

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