A precious pair of beautiful beluga whales, Little Grey and Little White, are enjoying new found freedom in an open-water sanctuary off Iceland.

The whales arrived at the centre from a Chinese aquarium where they spent a decade entertaining crowds with tricks, singing and dancing. The aquarium was taken over by a company opposed to keeping whales in captivity.

The journey from China to Iceland was a challenging one and the creatures needed rehabilitation before being released from pools into an enclosed bay. It’s a delightful turnaround for these intelligent and stunning animals.

Now, the Watch was set up to monitor events in The Earth Emperor’s Eye, but it’s curious that this seems to spread to other stories features on this website. The Halloween Queen includes a beluga whale character, called Boo-Ger-Loo! He’s a playful, mischievous fellow too. It’s all connected. It’s all true.

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