Whatever happened to the blue ribbon? is one of the key questions in the Earth Emperor’s Eye.  It’s curious then that at a time when producers in Hollywood are potentially reviewing a script based on the tale the sea of the coast of California glows at night in glorious neon blue.

The scale of the rare phenomenon is especially striking.  The stunning bioluminescent display is caused by the dense number of dinoflagellates. The algal bloom, also known as a red tide, was observed this week lighting up the waves along a 15-mile stretch of coastline.

“Bioluminescence happens all the time, just not at that level,” said Dr James M Sullivan, a bioluminescence researcher at the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute. “This is an incredible one.”

Below is a magical picture of the glowing coastline at Torrey Pines Beach, San Diego. It’s as though a twisted blue ribbon runs the length of the shore.

Mother Nature is doing her best to put on the razzle dazzle for Hollywood, but are they watching or taking heed? Lest we forget that San Diego’s motto is ‘Sempar Vigilans’ which is Latin for ‘Ever Vigilant’.

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