The Whittenbury Watch – It’s Five Minutes to Midnight!

SPOILER ALERT: Posts in the Whittenbury Watch may reveal parts of the The Earth Emperor’s Eye story. You are strongly advised to read the book, before exploring these posts.

In The Earth Emperor’s Eye, Ben Whittenbury, self-proclaimed champion for Mother Earth, throws his beloved pocket watch into the wilderness in a desperate forlorn gesture to ‘stop-the-clocks’ and end the relentless ruin of our beloved fragile Earth, its habitats and the animal kingdom. “Now is the time for action!” Ben cries, with his watchdog, Malachi, beside him, unaware that his gesture was witnessed by an all powerful magical being, The Earth Emperor, who connects with Mother Nature and responds to his request.

Aided by the Blakesware Set, a collection of notable pioneers, writers and artists from the 19th century, including Charles Lamb, Samuel Coleridge, William Blake and many more, a mysterious healing force is unleashed upon the people of the Earth. Under the banner of one hundred questions about life the Blakesware Set create a magical, ‘Haymakers’ Survey’ which taps into the ‘Earth’s Spirit’.

Two hundred years later, at the rise of “a cruel Grim Dread ” we’re witnessing happenings in the real world that seemingly connect in extremely strange and remarkable ways to the questions, themes and events in the story. Are these curious phenomenon simply ‘confirmation bias’ or just coincidence or is the Earth Emperor revealing a deep magic behind life on Earth? A magic unexplained by science? Is it possible that the Earth itself is alive and it has a spirit and she has issued a Red Alert to humanity to reveal her distress to encourage us to change before it’s too late? This is Planet Earth…

Explore all The Watch stories here. The Haymakers’ Survey first emerged in 2007 and The Watch has continued to that day. Dip in by date order or through the questions and the tags. Historical posts are being migrated here from The Earth Emperor’s Eye designated website, which will close shortly.