Spoiler Alert

At the conclusion to The Earth Emperor’s Eye, the Earth Emperor and Mother Nature prepare and dispatch a dozen glowing white orbs from the kingdom of Xanadu. The mysterious spheres were created and issued to bring change in human behaviour and begin the process of healing the world from the impact of the cruel Grim Dread.

The Earth Emperor’s Eye story was first published online early in 2017 and accompanied by a new website, which is now being replaced by this site. It’s curious then that in February 2017 a weird series of UFOs have been spotted in the skies above Mexico in what experts are calling jaw-dropping footage. One white orb was seen flying against a bright blue sky above Colima, which has renowned for UFOs flying close to the nearby volcano.

The footage shows the white orb in the centre of the screen, from various angles, and then what happens stunned the eyewitnesses.

The large orb seems to spit out around half a dozen smaller circular objects, with some brighter than others. The footage starts out following what appears to be a white reflective or glowing orb that is steadily moving through the sky, before it releases a host of smaller orbs.

Glowing white orbs in the skies, especially over Mexico, are not a new phenomenon and there are an abundance of videos online, but it’s still a bizarre coincidence. Perhaps there’s an alien intelligence observing our Earth and the mini-orbs are intelligence gathering drones that spy on us covertly? The Watch doesn’t have any clear answers, but it’s intriguing all the same.

Orbs And Crop Circles

The Earth Emperor’s Eye also reveals how orbs can create remarkable and intricate crop circles to represent and impart art, knowledge, love, wisdom and the enduring majesty and power of the Earth Emperor and his assistant, Mother Nature. Here’s a truly remarkable video from the 1980’s that captures orbs creating a circle in Wiltshire, England.