A white rabbit has been baffled the internet by travelling alone around London on buses and the underground. The adventerous bunny has been spotted on a 254 bus to Holloway, Nag’s Head.

It was also seen on a tube train at Hackney.

Many who spotted it thought they were hallucinating and likened the bunny to the White Rabbit in Alice and Wonderland, which is curious because in The Earth Emperor’s Eye young Sarah dresses as Alice for her 18th birthday party before being whisked off to Xanadu, a utopian wonderland in the sky. Now, the Earth Emperor often remarks about pulling a white rabbit from his top hat – as all the best magicians do!

The White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland is obsessed with punctuality. He carries a pocket watch and warns against being late. Hmm, all sounds very familiar to readers of The Earth Emperor’s tale. But, hey, let’s delve deeper shall we?

The rabbit was on a bus in Holloway. The name is said to derive from ‘Hallow’. Hallow means ‘to make holy of sacred, to sanctify, to consecrate, to venerate’. The adjective form Hallowed is used in the Lord’s Prayer.  The bus was at the Nag’s Head, named after a former, public house, which is now a gambling establishment. Whilst the number 254 is an ANGEL NUMBER Number 254 is a combination of the attributes of number 2, the energies of number 5 and the vibrations of number 4. … Angel Number 254 tells us that your faith, trust, positive affirmations, prayers and wishes manifests change in our lives!

The rabbit was also on a tube in Hackney. The name Hackney is said to derive from ‘Haca’ meaning a hook. So perhaps the Earth Emperor is trying to grab our attention? After all Hackney is home to St John’s Hoxton church where the inspirational hymn, ‘Amazing Grace’ was written. The hymn was written by the poet John Newton and has come to be associated with William Wilberforce and the momentum behind the abolition of the slave trade. William Wilberforce was a member of the Blakesware Set seeking salvation and freedom for Mother Nature and her kingdom.

So, we ask humbly, is the White Rabbit’s presence to convey an inspirational spiritual message from a divine force to remind us that time is running out? We are gambling with our future, but humanity can change. Nothing is impossible. We can still save the beauty in our world.