The ghostly shipwreck of the Brunswick has been discovered in the shifting sands of the Severn Estuary in the Bristol Channel. The vessel sank on Christmas Eve 1900.

The photographs were captured by hydrographic technology, during a survey of the Harbour Area in Bristol by state-of-the-art vessel the Isambard Brunel. Historic England and Bristol Port’s Marine Department are both in agreement it is likely to be the doomed ship. The 210ft long by 30ft wide ship matches the dimensions of the Brunswick. The vessel has been covered by sand for 117 years until the Port Marine team discovered it. Shifting sands and sediment in the estuary are close to submerging it once more and have made it impossible to fully recover the wreck.

It’s fascinating because of the role played by Caroline Brunswick in The Earth Emperor’s Eye and the link with the Earth Emperor’s game of ‘Live or Let Die’.  The magician showcases his talents by controlling the shifting sands in a simple timer. The clock is ticking!

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