A woman had a “lucky escape” when her car was buried underneath a pile of hay bales, police said. The accident happened near Whittlebury in Northamptonshire when a tractor overturned, dumping the hay on top of a Mercedes Benz car. Northamptonshire Police tweeted photographs saying it was a “lucky escape for this driver”.

East Midlands Ambulance Service said the accident happened at about 11:55 BST on Tuesday at the Wood Burcote roundabout on the A413. They were called to “reports of hay bales on a car” and one female patient was taken to Northampton General Hospital, a spokeswoman said.

It’s another curious example linked to The Earth Emperor’s Eye, it’s Haymakers Survey and this Whittenbury Watch. There’s but one letter difference between Whittenbury and Whittlebury and hay bales are central to the tale. Then, to cap it all, the incident took place at about 11:55, which is such a significant time in the story. But let’s dig deeper! Hunting was once a major activity in the village and was famously visited by the baroness, Kate the Great, both relevant to the tale. It’s either a bundle of coincidences or another reminder from Mother Nature that she is more powerful than the machine.

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