Climate activist, Greta Thunberg, was seen walking alone to a debate at the COP26 summit in Glasgow today, much to the surprise of police and security officials. As she arrived she chatted on her mobile phone, whilst wearing a green frog mask. It’s an example of ‘Greta Thunberg’s Mobile Magic’ for the Planet Ball in a Sea of Black.

Greta Thunberg on the phone as she arrived at the COP26 summit

It’s not the first time Greta’s been snapped on her mobile or amongst other eager mobile users, which is curious because in The Earth Emperor’s Eye, Sarah Whittenbury, similar in appearance and age to Greta, records a video on her phone with Charles Lamb, famous romantic essayist and diarist, to leave a warning to future generations to act now on the environmental crisis. It’s a message spanning two hundred years and another strange coincidence between the ‘real world’ and the tale.

Here’s a selection of images of Greta’s mobile magic…

Here’s some relevant extracts of the mobile encounter from The Haymakers Survey book that preceded The Earth Emperor’s Eye version. The extract’s titled, ‘For the Planet Blue in a Sea of Black’.

Finally, Greta it’s curious that Greta chose to wear a frog mask to the COP26 summit meeting because in the original tale Malachi, the Messenger, alerts humanity of the ‘Boiling Frog’ syndrome. This is the extract

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