Allow me to introduce new visitors to the majestic ‘White Album’ mentioned by Mother Nature personified in The Earth Emperor’s Eye. In the tale she claims that pure white in the natural world is both rare and special, and that creatures that are albino or leucism are her way of conveying how precious, fragile and majestic life is on Earth. The title plagiarises that of The Beatles esoteric White Album due to Ben Whittenbury’s admiration for the band – he being Mother Nature’s adopted son.

Well, the latest edition to the album are a pair of white giraffes spotted in a wildlife reserve in Kenya. 

The conservation range is home to the endangered Rothschild Giraffe, with only 1671 individuals recorded in the wild in 2016.  Kenya is home to a wonderful array of wildlife and habitats. It provided the setting for the inspirational and heart-warming Born Free British film drama starring Virginia McKenna and Bill Travers who raised Elsa the Lioness, an orphaned lion cub, and released her into the wilderness of Kenya.

As they say in the trailer, “The time is coming when our lives will change for ever.’ Perhaps the giraffes presence is an invitation for people the world over who care for the planet and its creatures to stand tall in its defence, especially as Kenya’s motto is ‘Harambee’ which means, ‘Let us all pull together.’

Time for a song from the White Album.