In The Earth Emperor’s Eye the Grim Dread is infatuated with the Wicked Lady of Markyate, an infamous Hertfordshire highway woman. The tale also features mysterious glowing orbs of light used by the Earth Emperor to help create and nurture life on Earth. 

Dick Turpin – Stand and Deliver

Well, in Bracknell, Berkshire, a glowing orb was caught on camera flashing in the sky in broad daylight. Many are speculating that the object is a UFO. Bracknell is a known UFO hotspot and has very strong associations with Dick Turpin, the dashing English highwayman of legend. Dick Turpin’s cottage was part of an old manor in the High Street.

The video below was taken by Bob Wise. He described the light as incredibly bright and moved with a ‘life force of its own,’ and ‘wasn’t an electrical light’. Could this be one of the Earth Emperor’s most prized possessions? Is this a wager? Stand and Deliver?

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