‘Don’t lose faith, you hold the key,’ is a mystical message delivered to Julia Whittenbury several times within The Earth Emperor’s Eye. It’s a message behind a riddle of salvation – of hope for humanity and the natural world. The message is aimed at us all, but will we heed it?

The evidence is mounting. A bay in the Florida Keys was entirely drained of water due to incredible low pressure in the eye of the monstrous and epic Hurricane Irma passed. The stunning footage was caught on camera.

Hurricane Irma was a category 5 storm, one off three active in and around the southern states of america. The Keys now faces the colossal task of clearing up in the aftermath of the most powerful Atlantic storm ever recorded. The hurricane follows in the wake of Hurricane Harvey which struck Texas last month.  The effected regions face a humanitarian crisis, with damage to buildings and infrastructure and record flooding. Sadly there have been fatalities and millions of people are without power.

The Keys are no stranger to hurricanes, but many attribute the ferocity of the recent storms to climate change driving high sea temperatures in the Atlantic where the storms form. From our perspective the passage of the storms are curious – striking Houston and the Florida Keys.  The name Irma means ‘War Goddess’. Perhaps, in the eyes of Mother Nature, ‘Houston, we have a problem’ and you, the people, hold the key to salvation! This is the stark reality.