Royston Cave in Hertfordshire is an enigma. No records of its age or purpose exist. Some theories suggest it was used by the Knights Templar, others by James 1 and the Freemasons. The Earth Emperor’s Eye puts an entirely new imaginative spin on its possible origins and purpose. Discovered 278 years ago, the story describes the cave’s unearthing and reveals incredible secrets about its mysterious medieval carvings. It brings new creative meaning to the Earth goddess figure, the numerous hands carved on the walls, other Pagan symbols and the skull and drinking vessel found within it… and other, previously unknown, ‘fictional’ prized objects pulled from the cave at the time.

Out Of The Depths I Cried Unto The

It’s a delightful coincidence then that The Royston Cave Virtual Experience has been launched around the same time as this website. The new tool will allow a modern global audience to rediscover it, encouraging new demographics to engage with its history and connect with its stories. It’s now possible to zoom in an study the cave’s carvings in stunning HD and 3D and to interact with hotspots. The cave can also be viewed from new perspectives. Viewers can reach new heights and and see the cave from never seen before angles including up above, a view not seen by visitors since 1790.

It seems timely to quote Malachi, ‘Out Of The Depths I Cried Unto The’.

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