During the 2020 lockdown, countless children across the kingdom took to painting rainbows and displaying them in windows. The rainbows represented hope and togetherness and praised the National Health Service for its remarkable efforts in treating those with the virus. The morale boasting artistic craze helped many people to adapt to lockdown and find the resolve to get through a challenging time.

Plenty of children added hearts to their creations and sprinkled them with words like ‘Hope’ and ‘Love’. We could safely add ‘Nature’ to the list as during lockdown animals temporarily reclaimed many areas deserted by humans.

Now, here’s the thing! In the Earth Emperor’s Eye, Malachi, the messenger dog, makes an unexpected mystical appearance beneath a sweeping triple rainbow in the fields of Hertfordshire. It was recorded in Charles Lamb’s journal. The mysterious extracts follow. They reveal how Lucy Ebbs, Mother Nature personified, alerts us to the magical symbolism of the rainbows. She reminds us of the wonder of the miracle of creation and the beauty of the animal kingdom. When Charles Lamb asks for clarity, Lucy says, “All will unfold in time.”

To discover more, read the novel.

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