The global Covid 19 outbreak has led to the widespread, sometimes mandatory, use of masks to help prevent the spread of the virus.

It’s becoming the norm to see people in public places wearing face protection in the interest of public safety. Masks design and style vary considerably from disposable masks to cute, camouflage, sporting and even high quality fashion statements.

It’s all very curious because in The Earth Emperor’s Eye, the Earth Emperor disguises his true identity by wearing a mask. Adopting his Masked Magician persona, the Emperor wears a mask when introducing himself to Ben Whittenbury and challenging all of humanity to his game of ‘Live or Let Die.’

The Masked Magician showing shush sign abd white mask wearing top hat

The coincidence is another strange one… a mysterious reminder that our actions impact greatly on the natural world and the Earth Emperor is looking on, pondering his next move.

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