“Oh Captain, my Captain!” were words cried by Lady Katherine Plummer-Lewin in the Earth Emperor’s Eye after receiving news of the fate of her beloved Captain Richard Lewin, fearless hero and protector of the Haymakers Survey and the Blakesware Set.

How curious then that during the Covid 19 pandemic Lockdown a previously little-known British Army officer has become a popular unexpected and inspirational hero, namely Captain Sir Tom Moore. Today, the Captain celebrates his 100th birthday. The iconic centenarian has won the hearts of the nation by raising over £32m for the British NHS Charities Together in the run up to his 100th birthday by walking laps in his garden.

Strangely, Captain Tom served in the Duke of Wellington’s regiment, just like Captain Lewin and the Duke was the chair of the Blakesware Set. It’s also fascinating that Captain Tom reached the 100 year milestone during the fundraising campaign whilst there are 100 questions in the Haymakers Survey. Could it be that Captain Tom was destined to become famous to help illustrate the magic of our secret inheritance?

Also, in the tale, Lady Katherine Lewin learns of her husband’s fate through cards. So, what better way to honour Captain Tom then to admire the countless cards he received on his special 100th birthday.

Captain Tom’s fundraising broke records for a single person and he was also the oldest person to reach No.1 in the British popular music charts with his song, ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone.’

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