Greta Thunberg, the famous Swedish environmental activist, has gained international recognition for promoting the view that humanity is facing an existential crisis because of climate change. She is known for her distinctive braided ponytail, fresh-faced youth and her direct speaking manner, readily criticising world leaders for inactivity on the issue.

Greta rose to prominence in 2018. at age 15, when she initiated a school climate strike movement, which led to her addressing the UN Climate Change Conference that year. Her influence has been dubbed the ‘Greta effect’. She has won numerous awards and honours, including the Time Person of the Year, which is where we get a little playful.

In the Earth Emperor’s Eye, published before Greta rose to fame, young Sarah Whittenbury has a ponytail and bears an close resemblance in looks and manner to Greta. She. too, is a strong advocate for action to help save the environment, and is a key character in the story, befriending Charles Lamb and enjoying a special relationship with Mother Nature.

In the story, Sarah is also a time-traveller finding herself in the 1820s and providing the impetus for Charles Lamb to convene the Blakesware Set. Its another curious connection because there’s considerable suggestion online that Greta Thunberg is also a time traveller. Images have been circulating showing a girl from over one hundred years ago who’s the spitting image of Greta!

The conspiracy is that Greta is a time-traveller from the future and she’s here to save us. This was exactly the premise of Charles Lamb’s argument to the Blakesware Set, which led to the 100 questions in the Haymakers Survey.

And there’s more. Greta and her family are from the Nordic region and Norse myth is central to the story, with the Tree of Life, runic inscriptions and Odin featuring heavily. The artist Edvard Munch is also from the region and, in the story, his work ‘The Scream’ represents Mother Nature’s anguish. It’s another bizarre coincidence.

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