A 19-year-old university student has described his spectacular photograph of a sneezing white stag as a “one-in-a-million shot”.

Sneezing White Stag

He took along an old SLR camera and a few 20-year-old lenses given to him by his parents. He says he spotted what he believed to be an “elusive” white fallow buck after it moved away from a herd of other deer. Oban said, “I managed to get to a safe distance of about 10 metres without disrupting the herd and captured the photo of the fallow buck sneezing by pure chance. I didn’t realise what I had until hours later when I began editing my photos.

The sneezing white stag is another addition to the Watch ‘White Album’. It’s curious because in The Earth Emperor’s Eye, Lucy Ebbs – Mother Nature – warns, “Atishoo, atischoo, we all fall down!” Could a plague or virus be coming?